Want to learn how to take better photos. Then our new revamped IMAGE RIGHT instruction class is for you. Whether you’re a newbie with your first camera trying to figure out what all the buttons are for or a seasoned shooter who wants to take your photography to a new level, we have an affordable class just for you.

I am Wills Holland and I teach each class. Step by step, I will teach you the techniques you need to transform your picture taking from “snapshots” into interesting and artistic photography you‘ll be proud to show off.

Every class is custom designed towards the student. No fluff or unwanted info. All you need to do is fill out a very simple questionnaire and Wills will custom design a class that fit’s your unique photo needs. I will teach both the art and science of photography in easy to learn steps to help you unleash your creativity. Want to know what all those buttons are on your camera? No problem! Need to take pictures in a gymnasium without everything being blurry? You got it. Thinking about going pro but need some help with posing and lighting? I have a fully equipped professional portrait studio with everything you need to learn.

Photography is basically the telling of a story without words. We’ll show you how to put what is in your head and apply it to an actual photographic image. If you yearn to express yourself creatively then IMAGE RIGHT is the best place to start!

Why One on One?

I decided to make a change to how photo classes are traditionally taught. Usually you have to commit to a 5, 7, or 9 week course. The biggest disadvantage to that model is that inevitably something comes up and you miss one or 2 classes. If you miss one class you might be under prepared for the next. Basically your not getting your money’s worth and you get discouraged.

With my new one on one classes, that never happens because you schedule each class when you want to. I book classes by the hour. For example you purchase 3 hours of class time. You can schedule one hour, study an area of photography that interests you then take two weeks to practice what they learned. You can then call and schedule a second class that could be two hours. Simple and convenient.

My classes can be used personally or scheduled for groups in a business or office. I also offer gift certificates if you would like to give a class as a gift.


Single Hour ~ $35

2 Hour Package ~ $50/person

can be broken down into two 1 hour classes (This is a great starter pack)

4 Hour Package ~ $100/person

can be broken down into 1 hour classes

6 Hour Package ~ 150/person

can be broken down into 1 hour classes

Contact Information:

Phone: (540) 312 - 4585


Social Media: Facebook: Alpine Photography